Erofeestjes, for years the most famous address for the most delicious triple-XXX erotic parties in The Netherlands. 100% made for hardcore active swingers and singles.

Are you sometimes done with erotic parties and clubs where it often only revolves around dancing, showing and judging glances? Where it often lacks real action on the mattresses? Then you are at the right address at Erofeestjes! "Happy Harcore" parties for active sexlovers!

All parties are only accessible after registration and confirmation. We do not judge by age, origin or appearance! But we do want to ensure that all parties are exclusive nights which are characterized by their very high activity (from start to finish) and a personal and respectful approach. And in an absolutely discrete and safe setting where everyone feels 100% carefree and pleasant. Partly because of this, we also receive a high number of single ladies.

A visit to Erofeestjes is a "must have been" for active swingers and singles when visiting The Netherlands! A party where it is always fun and above all: a party where you can experience plenty of action. Both couples, single men and women are welcome. Erofeestjes is a non-commercial organization so very low entrance fee and with an eye for your personal wishes.

We organize parties with different themes. Check our agenda for dates and details.

At our parties you can experience everything. From squirting to bukkake and from double penetration to snowballing, threesomes, quatro's and multiples of them. Go wild in the swing, at the bar or on the couches. Wherever you want. We are not surprised by some light BDSM games or a few ladies who are going on with a strap-on. With us you can make it as crazy and horny as you want, but always with respect to the other visitors.

Erofeestjes is not a swingersclub, it's a triple XXX happy hardcore party! We have all the facilities you can expect (lockers, shower, seperate smoking area etc.) but there is no whirlpool, sauna or seperate playrooms. All the action is centered in one big space where you really experience what a hardcore swingersorgy is about. The big playareas (one on a stage, 2 other smaller ones around the room), couches, bar, dancefloor with DJ etc. are all together in one big area.

General information:

- Venue: all our exclusive parties are held in Club Organza in the Amsterdam / Utrecht area. A 15 minute drive from both cities.

- Guests: First of all, we welcome single men too. Our doorbabe Miss X will make a selection of the finest men who registrate for a party. Our visiting couples are very active and come in all kinds of shapes, age and background. From CEO to carmechanic. We all share one thing: the love for sex, fun and pleasure! We interact very social and don't judge on looks, clothing or appearance. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY PAYED SEXWORKERS!

- Agenda: We try to organize at least one party a month. All parties are held on Friday evenings from 21.00 hrs. till 02.00 hrs. See our agenda for upcoming events.

- Prize: Entrance fees are depending on the theme. We can assure you it's at least 60%-70% lower than the price you would pay for a "normal" commercial high-standard swingersclub. When you register and accepted for a party we will inform you about prize and other details.

- Dresscode: we do not have a dresscode. Most guests wear little (lingerie, boxershort) or just nothing. Feel free to wear what you like to feel sexy.

- Register for a party: mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name(s), if you are a couple or single man or woman, the date of the party you want to visit and, optional for couples, a picture (not nude). Single men are obligated to send at least one picture.

More info: please feel free to mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to answer any questions you have.